Runaway Dog Stopper Runaway Dog Stopper

Train your dog to
not run away from you

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Runaway Dog Stopper

Problem: Your Dog Running Away

Solution: The patented Runaway Dog Stopper is a revolutionary new training device that will train your dog to not run away from you.  According to statistics, 4 million dogs are lost each year.  When dog owners take their dog out of the house, they face the possibility their dog could run away.  Even a leash is no guarantee that will not happen.  Leashes break or a sudden jerk from the dog can pull the leash from the owner's hand, and off the dog will go.  The Runaway Dog Stopper gives dog owners peace of mind by providing a solution to a problem that has plagued dog owners.


Runaway Dog Stopper

Don't Let Your Dog Leave Home Without It!

  • Innovative training device that trains your dog to NOT run away from you.
  • Retractable pendant that clips onto your dog's collar. No batteries needed.
  • When your dog begins to run, the pendant will descend and gently bump against your dog's legs. When your dog stops running, the pendant will retract back to the collar.
  • Recommended for small dogs, under 50 pounds. Available in 3 colors. To be used as needed.
  • Safe and easy-to-use training device endorsed by the Society for the Prevention for Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
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Runaway Dog Stopper

Runaway Dog Stopper

Runaway Dog Stopper


What Customers Are Saying

Train Your Dog To Not Run Away

Runaway Dog Stopper is a training secret to help stop that moment we all dread. Say goodbye to the days of being scared when your furry friend sprints off.

No batteries. No apps. Just clip and go!

Within a short period (depending on the breed) of regular use, your dog will be trained to NOT run when the Runaway Dog Stopper is attached.  This training aid is recommended for dogs 50 pounds and under.


1. Clip Runaway Dog Stopper onto the front of your dog's collar.


2. Watch Runaway Dog Stopper work wonders! As soon as your dog runs it will descend and gently bump your furry friend's legs letting them know to stop running.


3. Once your dog stops running, the Runaway Dog Stopper will return to the collar.

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